Spring Dominoes 2020 – Doubles

Quarter Finals (to be played by 8th March) – Best of 5 legs

Q1     M Nixon / T Brown                v                 BYE

Q2     D Hodgson / R Bonarius        v                 BYE

Q3     M Quayle / D Coppillie         v                 BYE

Q4     E Rowe / D Smith                  v        I Bennington / A Booth

Semi Finals (to be played by 5th April) – Best of 5 legs

S1     Winner of Q1                         v        Winner of Q2

          __________________                      ___________________

S2     Winner of Q3                         v        Winner of Q4

          __________________                      ___________________

          Final (to be played by 3rd May) – Best of 5 legs

F1     Winner of S1                          v        Winner of S2

          __________________                      ___________________

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